Patient Stories

Patient Stories


Medical foods helped when traditional therapies did not

I was on various diuretics, built up resistance to those and had to switch to new meds. Diuretics caused low blood pressure, which made my quality of life pathetic. I tried occupational therapy for months. I had lymphatic drainage performed by a massage therapist weekly and got an expensive machine that wrapped around legs up to my waist that took 1 hour twice a day to help with swelling. Finally, a vein specialist prescribed Vasculera.

*Vasculera is a prescription medical food intended to be used under a physician’s supervision


Experienced extraordinary results with medical foods

For over 20 years I’ve suffered from venous insufficiency. In the past 10 years it had gotten so bad that much of the skin on my legs became discolored, and my ankles and feet were swollen most of the time…

*Vasculera is a prescription medical food intended to be used under a physician’s supervision


Medical foods aren't financially available to help Tamara

I have severe gastroparesis. That means my stomach is paralyzed. I do not eat solid foods. I’m limited to the amount of liquid I can take, and I worry about the cost of the medical food/formula…


Medical foods helped Kevin's knee discomfort

Over time, the prescription anti-inflammatory began to negatively impact my kidneys, so I had to get off of it…


Insurance does not cover Bill's wife's prescription medical foods

I am writing on behalf of my wife Cecelia who has been diagnosed with and is currently suffering from severe chronic osteoarthritis in her spine and knees. She is very sensitive to any kind of prescription or over the counter medicines…


Insurance does not cover Kay's prescription medical foods

I am a 73-year-old female on disability for most of my adult life. My diagnosis is disk and joint disease with chronic pain. Pain medication has allowed life to be bearable. An injury to my knee sent me to see my orthopedic doctor. He told me about this medicine being made from fruit and vegetables. Yes! Finally! I was on this medicine for less than 10 days when I had really noticeable pain relief. Insurance won’t pay. Food money is used to buy.



Insurance does not cover Lee's prescription medical foods

Unfortunately, the price makes it unavailable to people who really need it. My insurance company, United Health Care, will not cover any part of the medication, which is very frustrating. There is no negotiating with them on this issue.


Medical food improves Cynthia’s quality of life

Limbrel was recommended by my RA doctor to help my RA/Osteoarthritis. After only 2 weeks I noticed less pain and more joint flexibility. This was enough to help me decide to continue treatment as it seems more safe than added medicine. My biggest surprise was, however, that I noticed improvement in my neuropathy, which had previously been getting increasingly worse. Since this was the only change in meds/food/exercise, etc. I have to think it was the Limbrel.

*Limbrel is a prescription medical food intended to be used under a physician’s supervision


Beckie does not want to be reliant on opioids to deal with her pain

I do not want opioids and narcotics to deaden my pain. I want to be able to move and live life to the fullest.


Insurance does not cover Willie's prescription medical foods

First, it was the only thing that straightened my hand out. It was helping me really good. Right now, I’ve been having severe pain in my hands since I discontinued. I tend to lose grip of things when holding things. Help me. It’s the only thing that works.


Insurance does not cover Duane's prescription medical foods

When the new year rolled around, I went to get my prescription and they told me that it was going to cost me well over $130.00 each month since the discount ran out in December. I could not afford it, so I stopped taking it. Within a week I noticed that my legs began to ache again. This medicine needs to be covered by insurance. No one should have to go through what I have gone through just so I can have a better quality of living.


Manuel's medical foods have helped improve his health

After using Limbrel, my health has improved with less pain, less inflammation and much better mobility.

*Limbrel is a prescription medical food intended to be used under a physician’s supervision


Rosalie is happy to be free of Opioid use

I’ve been using LIMBREL FOR 4 YRS. The reason I’m still using it, is because after 3 mths. all my chronic aches/pains of 30 yrs was gone!!! I have no side effects, but I do have lots more energy for everyday life because of the absence of pain. My everyday activities are more enjoyable because I can move freely.

*Limbrel is a prescription medical food intended to be used under a physician’s supervision


Medical foods have helped her avoid surgery

I have been taking Limbrel 500 for over two years. Within five days, I noticed a dramatic improvement in the arthritis in my knee and was able to resume my outdoor exercise program. It has kept me out of surgery…

*Limbrel is a prescription medical food intended to be used under a physician’s supervision

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