Affording Insurance – Lee’s Story

Unable to Afford Medication:
Lee's Story

Lee almost had surgery because he could not afford his prescription medication

My doctor prescribed Vasculera for a vascular problem in my leg which was started by an injury–a very bad varicose vein. I was set to have vascular surgery. I paid a very high price for a prescription of Vasculera, and all the symptoms I was experiencing disappeared. I really could not believe it. I continued to take it and have been taking Vasculera for about six months.

"Unfortunately, that price makes it unavailable to people who really need it. "

My insurance charges $100 for a month’s supply. This month the price was raised to $900. My pharmacist called Primus, and the drug manufacturer said they would keep the price to what I was paying before. My relief was immense as I didn’t want to undergo surgery because I could not afford the remedy.

I cannot say enough about Vasculera. I have recommended it to my friends, and many of them are going to try it. I do not like paying $100 a month for the prescription, but it is well worth it and still within my budget. Unfortunately, that price makes it unavailable to people who really need it. My insurance company, United Health Care, will not cover any part of it, which is very frustrating. There is no negotiating with them on this issue.

*Vasculera is a prescription medical food product for the clinical dietary management of the metabolic processes of chronic venous disease to be used under a physician’s supervision.


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